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In the recent years, the need for access to quality-assessed atmospheric data increased notably. However, until today, a single entry point for accessing the data of essential climate variables (ECVs) recorded by the Italian background measurement stations does not exist. For these reason, NextDATA recognized the importance of providing an open access to the historical time series of meteorological and atmospheric composition data recorded at the high-mountain and background observatories supported by the Project. This is also an important step towards the integration of the High-altitude Climatic Observation System and Climate Station Network.

For these reasons, the system MOVIDA-MultiStats (MonteCimone On-line VIsualization and Data Analyses – Multi Stations) was implemented under WP1.1. It is an upgrade of the MOVIDA (MonteCimone On-line VIsualization and Data Analyses) system, launched on 2016, 5th July for celebrating the World Environmental Day.

MOVIDA-MultiStats is developed basing on the R language by using Shiny package ( for plotting and downloading recorded ECV data.

The system for the data download and visualization is implemented and presented on a GUI (Graphical User Interface). It provides files in “CSV” format easy to import in the most common scientific technical computing languages (R, Matlab, Octave, Scilab, Julia, Python).

MOVIDA–Multistats represents an “easy-to-use” and very intuitive web resource by which also not experts (e.g. high-school student or teachers, university student, citizens) can have access to the time series of ECVs over the Italian territory. Besides providing access to data time series, MOVIDA – Multistats represents a web resource by which external users can run some basic statistical analyses on the time series for each ECV and over flexible period of interests. Thanks to the packages Shiny and Openair (Carslaw and Ropkins, 2012), it is possible to plot raw data, average (on different time scales: daily, monthly and yearly) as well as to perform smoothing of time series to obtain information about long-term tendencies.

The “beta” version of MOVIDA-Multistats, is currently available at the web address and hosts historical time series for the WMO/GAW Observatories Monte Cimone (CNR-ISAC), Plateau Rosa (RSE SpA) and Lampedusa (ENEA). MOVIDA – Multistats is still under development and new functions and data series will be available before December 2018. Users are invited to provide feedbacks and suggestions to MOVIDA-Multistats contacts.

MOVIDA-Multistats graphical web interface. The system is accessible by the web address