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WP 2.4 Archives of paleoclimate data from marine sediment cores

The activities of WP2.4 are devoted to the construction of an archive of data and metadata of marine sediment cores for the Mediterranean Sea and in areas close to the Strait of Gibraltar (for the last 2000 years) and related paleoproxies. The data will be accessible to all interested users through the General Portal of NextData project (WP2.7).


Task 1. Setting up of a WebGIS devoted to the archive of marine sediment cores from the Mediterranean Basin and Strait of Gibraltar considered in the project. This step involves the analysis of core repositories and of scientific literature to identify all sites where marine sediment cores have been collected. This activity ended with the definition of metadata useful for the characterization of marine sediment cores and with the identification of the paleoproxies analyzed in the acquired marine sediment cores. All these information were merged into GeoNetwork, an open source catalogue specifically developed to manage spatially referenced resources. Furthermore all the data “paleoproxies” (planktonic foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, isotopic data, AMS 14C Dating, Radionuclides,  SST Mg/Ca,  Sea Surface Temperature, Tephra layers, Alkenones), acquired from the analysis of marine sediment cores, have been organized and coded in Excel files that can be viewed and downloaded at:

Task 2.  Creation of a numerical and physical archive of data and metadata related to Holocene Tephra layers collected and analyzed in marine sediment cores, acquired during the project in the Mediterranean sea.

Task 3. Storage of marine sediment cores retrieved in the Mediterranean sea during  oceanographic cruises carried out in the Mediterranean Sea. 


The numerical archive concerning the marine sediment cores includes 8000 cores, of which 6000 for the Mediterranean basin. Core repository hosts a total of 51 marine sediment cores acquired during three oceanographic cruises carried out in the Mediterranean Sea: “NextData2013” onboard the R/V Urania (12-19 September 2013, Strait of Sicily - Gulf of Taranto), “NextData2014” onboard the R/V Urania (9-21 July 2014, Sicily Channel and Adriatic Sea) and “NextData2016” onboard the R/V Minerva1 (11-29 June 2016, Ionian Sea, Strait of Sicily, Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea). All the available metadata and data (related to marine sediment cores) were archived in WDB-Paleo, and organized in excel files. Data from paleoclimatic studies related to the analysis of sedimentary cores (WP1.5) concern the following proxies: MS: Magnetic Susceptibility; PF: Planktonic Foraminifera; CN: Calcareous Nannofossils; ID: Isotopic Data; AMS 14C_D: AMS 14C Dating; R: Radionuclides; SST Mg/Ca: Sea Surface Temperature; T: Tephra; SST_A: Sea Surface Temperature Alkenones; C_WS: Coccolitophores in Water Samples. All the information acquired can be viewed and downloaded at: The primary search key is "Sea sediment cores". Within this category the samples were organized into specific maps (.jpg format) that identify their geographical distribution within the Mediterranean Basin (Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Strait of Gibraltar, Sea of Alboran, Ligurian Sea, Mar Balearic, Ionian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea). Each individual marine sediment core is associated with different information: sampler type, sample depth, sample length, year of the oceanographic cruise, data owner, ship and cruise name, published paleoproxies. The quantitative data associated with the sedimentary cores collected during the project can be also viewed and downloaded at