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Photo exhibition on Italian mountain ecosystems

The Project of Interest NextData, in collaboration with the Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park (PNGP), the Association of Italian Nature Photographers (AFNI), the Italian Society for Photographic Hunting (SICF) and the Association IBEX-NaturePhoto, is willing to organise a large photo exhibition on Italian mountain ecosystems. Goal of the exhibit is to show the beauty, richness and complexity of these mountain ecosystems and of the organisms which constitute them, combining scientific approaches and aesthetic value. All nature photographers interested in documenting and illustrating Italian mountain ecosystems are invited to contribute with their images. Further details are given in the attached document (in Italian).

Photography exhibition "Spicchi di Cielo"

Spicchi di Cielo

The high-altitude lakes of the Gran Paradiso National Park

Forte di Exilles (To)

from 20 September to 2 November 2014

This exhibition, based on pictures of the enviroment and life of the Alpine lakes of the Gran Paradiso National Park, represents a contribution to the dissemination of knowledge on mountain ecosystems. By displaying the beauty of the places and of the life which they host, this exhibition aims at highlighting the need to protect and preserve this unique richness.


Il mutamento climatico

Workshop on "Climate change: natural processes and human impact"


Academy of Sciences of Turin, Italy, 17-18 May 2012.