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Project structure

WP 0: Project coordination and dissemination

WP 0 is devoted to the project coordination. This WP will coordinate educational and dissemination activities. With regard to training and education, it will activate PhD grants, bursaries and research grants, hold courses as part of Specialised (Master) and Doctoral degree programmes, and supervise Master and Doctoral degree theses. Dissemination activities will include the organization of public meetings, the publication of articles and the realization of photo and video material.
Sub-project 1: Integrated observation system for environment and climate monitoring

This Sub-project envisages the development of an integrated observation system for environment and climate monitoring, able to promote measurement networks in remote mountain and sea areas and to deal with the entire lifetime of the data. The measurements will include meteoclimatic and air quality data, groundwater and cryospheric resources in mountain regions, mountain ecosystem and biodiversity data, paleoclimatic data from mountain and continental areas, marine sediment cores, and reconstructions/reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea circulation.

The activities will be undertaken in synergy with international programmes (GAW-WMO, UNEP, GMES, GEO/GEOSS, GEWEX, SeaDataNet, ICOS, ECRA) and with European projects (ECOPOTENTIAL).

  • WP 1.1 High-altitude climate observation system
  • WP 1.2 Underground water resources in mountain areas
  • WP 1.3 Reconstruction/reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea circulation
  • WP 1.4 Paleoclimatic data from mountain and continental regions
  • WP 1.5 Paleoclimatic data from sedimentary cores on the continental platform
  • WP 1.6 Mountain criospheric resources
  • WP 1.7 Mountain ecosystems and biodiversity


Sub-project 2: Long-term system of digital data on climate and environment

Sub-project 2 will develop a system of repositories storing climatological and environmental data from measurements made during the project, pre-existing measurements, and numerical simulations. It will supervise the establishment of a physical archive of ice cores, and implement archives of marine sediment cores. It also envisages setting up a General Portal providing access to the entire archive ensemble, in collaboration with major international research programmes. Sub-project 2 includes the realization of numerical simulations of future climate conditions and climate and environment change impacts in mountain areas. 

Sub-project 2 is divided into seven Work Packages, devoted to the construction of archives relating to the different types of data collected during the project, the construction of the General Portal of data access and future scenarios of climate change and its impacts in mountains.

  • WP 2.1 Archives of mountain observation networks
  • WP 2.2 Archive of the Reconstruction/Reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea circulation
  • WP 2.3 Archives of paleoclimatic data from mountain and continental regions
  • WP 2.4 Archives of paleoclimate data from marine sediment cores
  • WP 2.5 Future climate projections in mountain areas
  • WP 2.6 Future projections on water resources and ecosystems
  • WP 2.7 General Portal for data access
Part of the collected data will be stored within a single distribution centre, while part will be made available at the computing centres of the participating institutions and bodies. The General Portal of data access will provide access to the entire set of archives in a clear, user-friendly way. The results and methods will be made available on the General Portal.