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WP 2.2 Archive of the Reconstruction/Reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea circulation

The activities of the WP2.2 are dedicated to quality control on the historical marine data and atmospheric forcing, needed to produce the Reconstruction/Reanalysis (hereafter RR) of the Mediterranean Sea and to create a thematic portal for accessing to RR.


Task 1. Creation of reference dataset for the historical marine data and for the atmospheric data required for the production of the RR. 

Task 2. Design and implementation of RR thematic portal for access and view services, following the latest guidelines of European INSPIRE directive.  

Task 3. Delivering of RR time series addressing Mediterranean climate variabily.


RR data archive are available at high spatio-temporal resolution (1/16˚ and 33 IODE vertical levels for daily and hourly time frequency) for the entire Mediterranean basin, covering the period 1955-2014. The archive has been organized through a development of metadata and delivered in netCDF format adopting international standards concerning in particular standard name and CF convention. The netCDF data format is extremely flexible, self describing and has been adopted as a de-facto standard for many operational oceanography systems. Essential ocean variable and fluxes at air-sea interface, interesting for Mediterranean climate variability investigation, are open and free available. The thematic portal has been constructed and implemented on the INGV server and it is an example of an INSPIRE compliant service for spatial data sets search, view and download.