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The book " Una Montagna di Vita – Ecosistemi d’alta quota e cambiamenti climatici " has been published

We are happy to announce the release of the book: “Una Montagna di Vita – Ecosistemi d’alta quota e cambiamenti climatici”, edited by Antonello Provenzale, Simona Imperio e Nicola Destefano. The idea of this book (and the related exhibition) was born within the framework of the Project of Interest NextData, approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

After a public call, photographers, naturalists and associations of naturalistic photography have been involved in the realization of this volume to illustrate the Italian mountain ecosystems and the complex processes that determine their dynamics. The captions and short texts that follow the pictures are intended to create a bridge between aesthetic use and scientific dissemination.

In the four chapters of the book, the pictures illustrate the main types of Italian mountain ecosystems and the differences between various regions and altitudes, the main characteristics of ecosystems and the adaptations of plants and animals to the difficult conditions encountered, the relationships between the components of ecosystems and the complex interaction between human activities and mountain environment.