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NextData at the meeting of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences

On 27 October 2017, during the Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences at CNR in Bologna, a specific side event devoted to the NextData Project was organized. During the meeting, some of the main results obtained so far were presented and discussed. The presentations discussed during the side event are available below.

NextData Side Event at SISC, Friday 27 October, 13:30 - 15:15

13:30 - 13:45 A. Provenzale (CNR IGG) Overview of the project 

13:45 - 14:00 P. Cristofanelli (CNR ISAC) The high-altitude climate monitoring network

14:00 - 14.15 C. Baroni/M.C. Salvatore (DST, Università di Pisa) Database of Italian mountain glaciers

14.15 - 14.30  F. Lirer (CNR IAMC) Paleoclimatic reconstruction from marine records of central and western Mediterranean area over last millennia

14:30 - 14:45 J. Gabrieli (CNR IDPA) Paleoclimate and Environmental Monitoring

14:45 - 15:00 C. Fratianni (INGV) The Mediterranean Sea long-term reanalysis in the Nextdata project

15:00 - 15:15 S. Gualdi (CMCC) NextData model data and simulations: an outlook on the possible future climate for the Italian Peninsula and the Mediterranean basin